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WordPress & Divi Beginner Master Class

Your website is your online home.

Get up and running with a beautiful, professional website that won’t break your budget. Start with a solid foundation, access resources and ease the burden of creating your website from scratch.

Does this sound like you?

You know you want a website but can’t quite stretch the budget to get one done professionally so you decide to do it yourself.

But…. you’re tired of spending time & money on learning and still not having a website that you are proud of. Quite frankly, it’s burning you out!

You’re now overwhelmed, ready to explode from all the technology that is way too much… but you still have to do most of your website yourself because of your current budget. 

It’s time you release yourself from this overwhelm of doing your own website alone. It’s so not fun having to fumble your way through figuring out how to put everything together, Google till your blue in the face and neglect the other areas of your business that truly need your attention.


Get your time back!

Share a website you are proud of!

Let’s do this and I’ll help you!

Here’s what This Master Class Looks Like On The Inside

Module 1

Laying The Foundation

Video Tutorial
Links to Resources

PDF Guides
Content Planning Guide
Ultimate Guide to Website Success

Module 2

Getting Down To Business

Video Tutorial
Links to Resources

PDF Guides
7 Design Strategies
Website Design Checklist

Module 3

Deeper Into Design

3 Video Tutorials
Link to Resources

PDF Guides
WordPress Maintenance Checklist
Welcome Series Blueprint

HI! I’m Lisa!

Your business bestie

⇒ Automate your conversations with email marketing.
⇒ Make your website work for you with strategy & impactful messaging.
⇒ Share amazing value to attract your dream clients and generate momentum.
⇒ Get visible online and magnetize clients through your content marketing.
⇒ Create a customer journey that leads to securing your dream clients.
⇒ Use free offers to provide value while building your email list.
⇒ Get found with Google with a sound SEO strategy.

We can help you! Go through this class, become a part of our family and reach out for support.

lady sitting on couch with laptop very frustrated doing her website

In This Class You’ll Learn…

    Where to purchase your domain name

    If you already have one, totally cool. There is way more here to learn.

    How to get your professional email address set up

    Yes, you do need one and I will show you the easiest way to get it.

    Where to host your website

    This where you website lives. It’s super important! I’ll give you the pros and cons to the cheap offers you see out there and why you need to avoid them.

    How to plan for your website design

    This includes your content, colors, fonts, client journey and design best practices

    The basics of Divi and how to begin designing!

    Setting the global styles for your website, using the Divi layouts and modules and building a custom footer.

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